Today I Am Thankful {Days 20 ~ 24}

Five days of thankful today!

{Day 20} Thankful for road trips. I love the opportunities we have to get out of town for a few days. This time we had a few crazy animals stowaway in the truck.

{Day 21} Thankful for an afternoon with my husband. Nothing fancy, just running errands and holding hands. Holding hands is nice. :)

{Day 22} Thankful for enjoying a day set aside for giving thanks. Thankful for my family, both near and far. Thankful for God’s grace, freely given even though I really don’t deserve it. Thankful for His love, boundless and eternal.

{Day 23} Thankful that my sweet girl is feeling better after a rough couple days and, as she said, her “worst Thanksgiving ever.” And also thankful for another afternoon with my husband. Coffee, movie, and an early dinner. Love.

{Day 24} Thankful for time with my family, out and about. We spent a few hours at the Fort Worth Stockyards where we watched the morning cattle drive and visited a couple museums. It was such a lovely day.

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