My UnWord of the Year

On Christmas night, after the dinner was complete and the events of the day were winding down, my husband’s cousin broke out a game for us to play as we sat around the living room. I can’t remember what it was called, but it was a sort of ice-breaker game. We each took turns choosing a card, reading the question, and learning a little more about each other as we listened to the answers.

One of the questions that was asked was something like, “What is your greatest pet peeve?” When it came time for me to answer I spouted off a couple things that drive me nuts, and then I added how it’s hard to pick just one thing because I’m so easily annoyed. There are a LOT of things that bug me.

I’ve thought about that comment quite a bit over the past month. We all got a good chuckle out of that declaration, but really it’s not all that funny. It reveals a serious flaw within my heart. Something I need to work on for sure.

Last week I shared my One Word for this year (grace) and then a couple of days later I read about choosing an UNword for the year. What is something I want to undo in the year ahead? What thing am I rejecting and saying, “No more! I’m done with this.”


This year I’m rejecting annoyance, irritation, whatever you’d like to call it. I’m striving to be UNannoyed. (And yes it’s true, that is not a real word.)

I’m tired of being annoyed much of the time. I allow so many little things to bother me. It’s difficult to be joyous and gracious when I’m uptight and annoyed. And let’s face it, it’s not always pleasant to be around someone who is irritated all the time, especially one who has perfected the exaggerated eye roll and heavy sigh. Not that I know anything about that, of course. {ahem}

If I truly desire to be a woman of grace, I must strive to be unannoyed. Until I learn to not let the little things bug me I won’t be able to truly show grace to those around me.

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how to combat annoyance. It’s become such a habit, an automatic reaction. By God’s grace and the power of His Spirit I’ll learn and change. I certainly won’t be able to change on my own.

I’m praying that as I pursue grace and put off annoyance that I will become more grateful, more loving, and more gracious. Ultimately, more like Jesus.


What could your UNword be this year? Learn more at the Nesting Place where you can also find links to other UNwords for the year.


  1. Debra @ MsMoozys Open House says:

    Oh my, I am right there with you on this great UnWord!!! I would like to work on this one as well but I know I have to take it one word at a time….LOL This one is right up there though. Thanks for the reminder, have a great week.

    • Meagan says:

      There are probably a hundred other words I could have chosen, but you are right…one word at a time! This is definitely a good place for me to start. Thanks for stopping by, Debra!

  2. Michele says:

    I love that you’re words compliment one another – grace and unannoyed. Personally, I would need to lean on grace to be less annoyed, so I think it’s wonderful.

    • Meagan says:

      Thanks, Michele! I will most definitely be leaning on grace in this. There’s no hope for me otherwise. :) Glad you stopped by.

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